The Methodist e-Academy

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Students complete one of the following modules per semester

Year one

  • Methodist History 1 The Early Years. The roots of Methodism, the eighteenth century revival, the life and theology of John Wesley and origins of Methodism to the Christmas conference.

  • Methodist Theology 1. Methodist Doctrine. An examination of the distinctive features Methodist doctrine as theological reflection embedded in praxis and directed towards personal, communal and social transformation

Year Two

  • Methodist History 2. European Methodism. The history of Methodism in Europe and its roots in Britain and the USA

  • Methodist Theology 2. Methodist Ethics. Methodism has always insisted that the faith must be expressed in works and as a consequence has concretely addressed many ethical issues. This course will examine the theological ethic which underlies Methodism’s ethical responses in order for us to address contemporary issues.

Year Three

  • Methodist Ecclesiology 1.The nature, worship and mission of the church. This course will examine the distinctive features of a Methodist understanding of the church and its mission.

  • Methodist Ecclesiology 2. United Methodist church polity and discipline