The Methodist Studies Program

Our vision is that ordained pastors in Methodist churches are rooted in the Methodist heritage, aware of its significance and seek to give it expression both creatively and critically in their theological and ethical positions, their church life, their mission and their relationship with the broader society.

In order to fulfil this vision we have developed an internet based distance learning programme in Methodist Studies which fulfils and goes beyond the ordination requirements of the United Methodist Church. Courses are offered in German and English. In contexts where there is no Methodist seminary, candidates for ordination will acquire their theological education at other universities or seminaries. The Methodist Studies Programme of the e-Academy will supplement this.

The Methodist e-Academy offers an excellent opportunity for students to study under specialist scholars drawn from Methodist churches across the whole of Europe. It also enables them to interact with fellow students from other European countries both online and face to face. What it provides is thus not only a thorough introduction to Methodism as an academic subject, but also enables students to encounter Methodism in its various expressions across Europe, and encouraging them to learn from the experiences of others in their differing contexts.

The next Methodist Studies programme begins in October 2023. For further information please download the English leaflet or .